Terms And Conditions

Term and Conditions

  1. If you harassed anyone, your bio-data will be suspended, and we will no longer take your bio-data. If someone dislikes your bio data, don't do disrespectful, irrelevant, Bad comments to them. We'll charge a subscription fee, and you can cancel it at any time. No one's pictures are given or taken here. Please do not request of anyone's photo. If the boy and girl family are agreed to show their picture. Then you can do. The authorities will not be talking any responsibility in that issue. This is an Islamic religion website. Other religions bio-data are not accepted. We don't know about anyone. We try our best to let you know about them. We present about him to you through the questions. But in the end, you have to check their background. Whatever they said, right or wrong, And you have to ask yourself. They are suitable for you. Our responsibility is to connect you with the people who want to get married. But the responsibility of research and supervision will be on you. The authorities will not bear any responsibility in this regard. Our terms and condition may change according to the situation and observation. To manage this website gently